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Birding in Barbados

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    Shorebirds in Barbados

    Barbados it perfectly positioned on the shorebird Atlantic Flyway. It is also a small country, which makes it very easy to access the birds, as opposed to the vast North and South American Continents. Barbados is therefore one of the best locations in the World for shorebird watching. It is very likely that a shorebird can be found at almost any time of the year.

    Damian Edghill

    Personal tour guide

    Ram Edghill

    Personal Tour Guide

    Briar Sexton
    Briar Sexton
    We had an absolutely incredible bird tour with Birding Barbados. We were lucky enough to tour with Damian but there are a number of extremely educated local guides who grew up birding on this island. We saw many different kinds of shorebirds, waterfowl and songbirds. We got to three very diverse habitats within a short drive. We would never have found any of them on our own. Damian is professional and was full of knowledge on the island history as well as local culture. This was a real highlight of our trip to Barbados and we will book a few days of birding on our next trip.
    Lara Tomlin
    Lara Tomlin
    Damian Edghill of Birding Barbados is a knowledgeable birder and an expert bird whistler! My husband and I were lucky to have booked a morning birding tour around the island. Damian took us to spots we never would have had access to, and we saw plenty of birds along the way. It’s clear that he specializes in shore birds, and carries a handful of unique traditional Barbadian whistles to communicate with them – an art he learned in childhood. He’s committed to island ecology and conservation, and told us about his involvement with North American conservation agencies since 2007 to increase habitat for migratory species in Barbados. This includes converting hunting lodges to bird sanctuaries. Damian also told us about MODUS receivers being erected on the island to pick up GPS tags being put on birds to track their migration routes. I’d recommend his birding tours to anyone interested in local birds and seeing Barbados through a local’s eyes! Lara and Scott Cooper, Maplewood, NJ
    Anju Sharma
    Anju Sharma
    Before I came to Barbados, I read that there are fewer bird species on the island because it is further away from the mainland, and from the other islands of the Caribbean. What these sources didn’t mention, and I only learnt thanks to a fantastic day of birding with Damian Edghill, is that as the most easterly islands of the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is a pitstop for shorebirds migrating from breeding sites in the east coast of the USA and Canada to their wintering grounds in South America (as far down as Patagonia). I had tried some of the ponds around the island over the past weeks, but had no luck spotting any species. So my jaw literally dropped at the number of birds in the very first location that Damian took me to. We spent a very pleasant day circumnavigating the island to visit several shorebirds sites, and I had my fill of photographing these dainty beauties. Damian is passionate about making sure that the birds get the food, water and rest they need before resuming their epic journey south. He is a superb and committed guide, and excellent company – we discussed everything from the history of cricket in the West Indies to the new challenges brought on by climate change. Damian is equally adept at striking up conversations with the shorebirds – he uses an old fashioned whistle to perfectly mimic each species and reassure them of our intentions! I highly recommend Damian’s birding tours, and his efforts to highlight the important role that Barbados plays in welcoming avian visitors with a safe haven to rest weary wings.
    Tristan Blades
    Tristan Blades
    A unique and extraordinary bird watching tour through some of Barbados wetlands/marshes. Memorable, educational and saw places I didn’t know existed. 4×4 and experienced birder required… the one and only 🦆 iykyk
    Gillian Rooks
    Gillian Rooks
    I was met by Damian and Simone to go on our adventure…and what an adventure it turned out to be. Not just the natural hospitality, but the genuine love and passion with which they put into my birding tour. The thoughtfulness, the beautiful company, the magical scenes…..I just couldn’t believe my luck…not just to see the birds and the beautiful landscapes, but the bond of friendship grew throughout the day and continues still. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones to go out on a birding adventure with these two. It’s a win win all the way. The end of the day there was a special treat which will remain a secret….so awe inspiring that you just have to experience it for yourself. Thanks so so much. This is my forever memory that will always remain close to my heart

    Let us be your guide

    Our guides have at least 40 years’ experience in shorebirding. And have the benefit of a 350-year-old culture.
    Our guides can take guests directly to the best birding spots. Barbados is a small country, so birding sites are not difficult to access, thus lending well to day trips and tours, which can also be combined with trips to our magical beaches.

    Our Mission

    To share and promote the 350-year-old history and culture of shorebirding in Barbados, including e.g., the art of whistling which is unique to Barbados


    To promote birding and environmental sustainability in Barbados for the social enjoyment of all, and by way making a meaningful contribution to the preservation and increase of natural habitat

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